Time with my Boy

I had a beautiful day with my boy today. I say boy but, at 20 years of age, he is now a young man. Time with him is precious to me and when it is presented, I gobble it up! Aidan and I have a special bond. You could chalk it up to being my… Continue reading Time with my Boy

Beautiful Truth

On the way to work today, I listened to a TED Talk by Julian Treasure.  He spoke not about the  importance of content in communication, but about the foundation from which to build your content. Since I am in the profession of sales, I found it particularly interesting as one of the biggest challenges in… Continue reading Beautiful Truth

The End of an Ordinary Day

There are days in which you need to seek abundance. Times when the extraordinary hides among the ordinary and mundane. Yesterday was one of those. Nothing bad, just ordinary. Getting back to work after a week away for a business meeting, I was met with emails, phone calls, conference calls and paperwork. The day buzzed… Continue reading The End of an Ordinary Day

Winter Days in So Cal

Okay, this is not to rub it into the faces of those who are contending with floods, snow and ice in the height of these Winter days, but… In Southern California, we have it pretty good in the Wintertime. The sun shines on most days, although we have had some great rainstorms lately that might… Continue reading Winter Days in So Cal


As a parent, we are blessed (and sometimes cursed) to experience many “firsts.”  Some firsts are bigger than others.  First steps, first day of Kindergarten, first date, to name a few but other “firsts”, while not as awesome or monumental, can still catch you off-guard and play with your heart. Today, I dropped my 10… Continue reading Firsts

Finding Compassion

In my lunchtime meditation class yesterday, the teaching was focused upon compassion. Some might feel that compassion is an easy concept to grasp and for others, not so much.  While I lean toward the former, there inevitably are times when  demonstrating compassion can be challenging at best. It is easy to find compassion when watching… Continue reading Finding Compassion