Selfie This!

In the day and age of the selfie, I have found myself struggling with the whole concept of posting pictures of myself. My mind inevitably goes to the thought of “who really cares that much to see a picture of me and why would I feel the need to post one?” The selfie era is so egocentric, so self-important- it makes a big and vast assumption that everyone truly gives a shit what you look like at the moment or what you are doing at the moment or what is important to you at the moment. While I can go on and on about the sociological dysfunction of the whole matter, I won’t as my blog is centered around positivity and gratitude. That being said…

My friend Jeanne and I were hanging out last night. Just a low-key evening involving cucumber vodka (a recent fav of mine) and some homemade nachos. Jeanne is one of my dearest friends; a friend with no ego, no agenda, just a beautiful, grounded, awesome person who I feel fortunate to have in my life.

Jeanne and I can talk about anything- from politics to religion, from kids to adventure- we cover it all. One of the most valued aspects of our friendship is that we love to laugh and we both have this self-deprecating sense of humor which is further proof of the authenticity of our relationship.

So, here we are, a wee-bit buzzed, deciding we should commemorate the moment with a Facebook-worthy selfie. Ugh…

Fifteen minutes later, with not only me at the photographic helm, but also my son helping out, we snapped over 30 pics and NONE of them were to our liking.  (It is moments like this when I realize that Kim Kardashian does have some value because there is clearly artistry involved when photographing oneself!)

With a few more sips of our drinks, we decided on the photo above. Not because it looked GOOD, but because it was hella-funny and totally exemplified our surrender to the perfect pic.

For those of you who have mastered the selfie, I applaud you!  For the others like Jeanne and me, just keep it real because at the end of the day, that is all that really matters.


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