Check it Off

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than checking things off a list. I don’t know why and I guess I don’t try to question it because, well, it just feels that good!
I have always been a “lister” (term?). When I write lists, I put EVERYTHING on it- even the simple things. That way I have a better shot at feeling more accomplished. Let’s face it, it can be pretty easy to complete the task of calling mom (or not, I guess, depending on your relationship), but hey, I place it on the list and then I get to take the pen and scratch it off!
Yesterday was one of those days where the list was long and the scratching plentiful. The New Year ignited a focus in me and even if it is only a short-term phase, I really enjoyed the achievement of getting crap done and it motivated me to get up and going a little earlier in the AM, work a little harder into the PM and feel like my day was not squandered.
Cheers to the little achievements and the pleasure they can produce!

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