Beautiful Truth

On the way to work today, I listened to a TED Talk by Julian Treasure.  He spoke not about the  importance of content in communication, but about the foundation from which to build your content.

Since I am in the profession of sales, I found it particularly interesting as one of the biggest challenges in sales is inspiring a prospect or a client to take time to “hear you out.” Many times, as salespeople, we have literally seconds to grab someone’s attention.

After listening to the presentation to absorb its merits for my job, I then listened again to pull out the message in how it applies to me as a person- as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter and friend.

He gave the foundational points as this:  HAIL

To speak with:






I really liked this!  Just think if everyone were to engage in communicating with these four traits in mind how much easier and lovely life could be? To get away from gossiping, lies, exaggerations. To be mindful of your word and to keep your word. To temper each conversation with love.

In a time where uncertainty is the the only certainty, the power of our word could tether us  to a beautiful truth or demise. I prefer the former.



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