The End of an Ordinary Day

There are days in which you need to seek abundance. Times when the extraordinary hides among the ordinary and mundane. Yesterday was one of those.

Nothing bad, just ordinary.

Getting back to work after a week away for a business meeting, I was met with emails, phone calls, conference calls and paperwork. The day buzzed by as I sat at my desk and completed the tasks at hand and suddenly the sun was setting.

When you commit to seeking the brilliance in every day, what do you do with the “run of the mill” moments?

Surely, I am grateful that today did not hold heartache. That no one was sick or sad. Capturing this in a photo is challenging.

On my way to the market to pick up what I forgot to pick up yesterday, I swung by the field to catch the last moments of light. The recent rains have left our open space greener than what I can remember in years.

Some peaceful moments spent enjoying the colors of the sky.  A great way to end an otherwise ordinary day.

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