Winter Days in So Cal

Okay, this is not to rub it into the faces of those who are contending with floods, snow and ice in the height of these Winter days, but…

In Southern California, we have it pretty good in the Wintertime. The sun shines on most days, although we have had some great rainstorms lately that might just bring us out of our drought condition- something we, as Californians, can truly appreciate!

Yesterday, the beach beckoned us and so Peyton and I loaded up the dogs and took the quick ride to a local beach which offers plenty of space and few crowds. It was my pup Bodie’s first visit and boy, he had a blast!

At 100+ pounds, it is seldom that we witness him in a full-blown run but yesterday he was unstoppable, keeping up with our German Shephard Kaia.

Digging holes, running after birds and seafoam, it filled my heart to see them with their tongues hanging long and sand on their noses! What a feeling of liberation they must have experienced!

Peyton and I dipped our toes in the ocean, but it was too cold and the surf was too fierce to do much more than that. The wind was chilly but it didn’t hinder our enjoyment as we watched Bodie and Kaia in the distance, making friends with a now-collapsed sand castle.

These few hours of beach time were the perfect release from a week of sales meetings in Montreal. There is nothing better than the beauty of simple experiences when you are present in the moment. Grateful for this day!img_0052

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