Time with my Boy

I had a beautiful day with my boy today. I say boy but, at 20 years of age, he is now a young man. Time with him is precious to me and when it is presented, I gobble it up!

Aidan and I have a special bond. You could chalk it up to being my first born or that he was such an easy child to raise but I am more convinced that we have traveled together along other live’s past. I do not take him for granted and any time we spend together is laced with rich conversation, from politics to the meaning of music lyrics to silly anecdotes which are laugh-out-loud funny. I learn from him as I learn from all three of my kids. As parents, what a gift we are given to be able to see through our children’s eyes!

Yesterday the sky was clear and the mountain meadows were a vivid green. We took a two hour hike up to the top of our neighborhood mountains. It was challenging and invigorating. At the top we could see the snow capped peaks at the other end of the valley on one side and the Channel Islands in the Pacific Ocean on the other.

I didn’t have my phone so I had to rely on Aidan to take the shot.  The photo didn’t capture much of the view but, for me, the picture of his smiling mug is better than the landscape any day.

I am grateful for my son. I am grateful for this day. I am happy.


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