This is 57

Tomorrow I am lucky enough to say that I am 57 years old.

As I gather more passes around the sun, I not only hold on more tightly but also greet each of them with a warm and welcome hug; like a precious friend or well-loved pup. It is not that I see the sunset of my years. Quite the contrary. Each day I still see the golden light and it shines dimensionally brighter than it did 20 passes prior.

Age has afforded me the gift of so many things- an awareness of who I am, of what I have accomplished and what else there is to do. I am appreciative of the ordinary and ever more fond of the extraordinary. I can color outside of the lines because I am fearless. I can speak my mind because I know my truth. I can be vulnerable because I am loved. I can be powerful because I am confident in my abilities. These things cannot be had, authentically, until you meet up with your physically mature self; the one who is no longer self-conscious about running into Starbucks without a stitch of makeup. The true self who no longer worries about first impressions or last night’s inebriated shenanigans (well, maybe a little less!).

At 57, I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend and a leader. At 57, I am a writer, a traveler, a hiker, a mountain biker and a birder. At 57, I am motivated to stay strong and active; to learn and to give; to grow both emotionally and spiritually with each dawn and to be thankful for every dusk and most importantly, strive to be present as much as I can. It is all a practice, but at 57, I have the patience to participate in the daily learning of how to be comfortable in my own skin and at peace with just being me.

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