Beauty Abounds

Beauty abounds. It surrounds us each day.  It can take us by surprise, warm our hearts, step in and leave within seconds or it can bring joy on a daily basis. Beauty can be tasted at times or it can be felt. It can bring us to our knees metaphorically or physically. It is here… Continue reading Beauty Abounds

The Cause for Happy

Some days it is easy to identify why you are happy. Some days you have to stretch your mind to find the happiness and other days you are happy just because. Today was a “just because” happy day for me. Buddhism calls this a mind of virtue and indeed we can have a virtuous mind even when… Continue reading The Cause for Happy

Damn Cupid!

Last night was my husband and my Valentine’s Day. Usually we let this holiday go. With overpriced dinners and roses, there has never been a need to celebrate our love on a commercialized holiday. Love should promote spontaneity and not be contained in one arbitrary day, right? Well, with my insanely busy work travel schedule… Continue reading Damn Cupid!

Beautiful Truth

On the way to work today, I listened to a TED Talk by Julian Treasure.  He spoke not about the  importance of content in communication, but about the foundation from which to build your content. Since I am in the profession of sales, I found it particularly interesting as one of the biggest challenges in… Continue reading Beautiful Truth