Bodie Boy

In 2016, we had an addition to our family.  Now 8 months old, Bodie, our French Mastiff, is the embodiment of love.

Bodie is a cuddler.  At 120 plus pounds, he is a human-size plush toy. Cozy and broad, he is the equivalent of a nurturing blanket who can alleviate the stresses in the worst of days.

I have always had dogs. Growing up, we had many favs but this guy is a special one (he must be as he is the only one who has been allowed to jump into our bed- apart from our non-shedding 5 pound Maltese Chuck- but I will save him for another blog.

Bodie is not perfect.  He snores like no other, burps and farts without abandon and is not the smartest of all dogs, but man, he knows how to lift us up and make us laugh.

Today I captured my daughter McKenna getting some quality Bodie time and it made me smile. I am sure there will be several more Bodie posts throughout the Year of Abundance. Glad to share this first one with you.

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