Fireside Chats

My husband and I are on the road a lot for our jobs. We do work from home when we are home, which is nice, however most days it feels like we are two ships passing in the night. Probably more appropriate to say  that most days we are “two busy working parents shuffling life, family, friends, dogs and work that occasionally cross paths on the way to the kitchen or bathroom (the ships and nighttime quote seems too calm of an analogy for our hectic lives!)

When we do snag a quiet moment, it is time which I appreciate. The time when we resist our iPad addictions and are not too tired to drum up conversation. The time when our kids are occupied and the dogs are not so needy of attention. The time when we can let go of conversation surrounding work or bills. This time is precious. This time keeps us whole.

Last night, when the temperature was threatening to go to freezing and lighting a fire was a basic need for survival (I kid- but it WAS cold!), my husband and I got that “time”.

Reconnecting is essential and somehow we don’t always give it the attention it deserves. I find that even a few moments can provide fuel for a few days. Fireside chats might not equal a week away in Maui, but it sure helps to take the edge off and remind us why we are in this game in the first place.

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