The Sun, The Mountain and Me


My thoughts have been cluttered these past few weeks; like an octopus’ tentacles splayed in every direction possible, grasping, attaching, to everything it can find.

It is not unlike me to live inside a chaotic mind and I even fancy it at times, as with the madness,  comes the satisfaction of doing, of producing, of living it all to the maximum capacity. So bloated with life I could pop- and then I do.

When I know I am near a state of over saturation, nature is my healing ground and the mountain is my caretaker. She envelops me with her downward gaze and through the silence in her company, I find sanctuary.

Today I found my spot front and center upon her foothill. The sun was positioned above and it was very, very quiet. So quiet, it felt for a moment that I could no longer hear.

I was surrounded by dry brush, cactus and a few late blooming flowers the color of the sunset. Although beautiful in a simplistic way, it reminded me of the fuzz which fills our lives on a daily basis, taking space but not with much consequence. The white noise- neither harmless nor toxic- that lays claim to our mind’s landscape and with vigor, could choke out any threat to its dominance.

The analogous thought of the manzanita and my mind guided me to look upward at the mountain and its sun connected by beams of light. Meditating on this, I felt peace in this trilogy: the mountain, the sun and me. My shrubbery thoughts began to wither and with clarity I could hear my voice tell me to just “let go.” Tentacles retracted and my mind softened, slowly releasing what no longer serves me. Clarity and wholeness took hold and I reflected how it could be just as simple as this.

I share gratitude for the time I got today with the mountain and the sun. I feel fortunate to have experienced the connection. I am humbled by the simplicity that nature inspires and, as always, in awe of its grace.



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