Damn Cupid!

Last night was my husband and my Valentine’s Day. Usually we let this holiday go. With overpriced dinners and roses, there has never been a need to celebrate our love on a commercialized holiday. Love should promote spontaneity and not be contained in one arbitrary day, right?

Well, with my insanely busy work travel schedule and my husband being preoccupied with a new job, both of which interfered with our anniversary and our birthdays, we decided we needed the push of the holiday to take a time out and a date night without other couples or kids, etc…

Because I DO loathe the lack of creativity  Valentine’s Day generally promotes, I wanted to celebrate last night and asked my husband to pass on the chocolate and flowers. I had a gift card for the Four Seasons which had been burning in my pocket for well over 6 months and what a perfect time to use it?

the couple’s massage was booked and I spent the whole day counting down hours, all the while trying to downplay a nasty cough which had been lurking for the past day.

My husband couldn’t resist himself and had all the cheesy V-day gifts ready. From a stuffed bear to chocolate-covered strawberries to a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates and roses. It was all very endearing!

The spa was a pure dream with thick white towels and cucumber-infused water. The steam soothed my weary lungs and the massage was divine. After, we were enraptured by the calm as we rested in our white robes in front of a trickling water feature. All was bliss!

We head to dinner at a trendy new crafthouse and a light dinner and drinks when all of a sudden my pleasure turned to pain. What the hell was happening?  I felt like I was having a heart attack. Bloating, pressure- we had to leave asap.

‘When we get home our romantic plans had been abolished by an untimely onset of gas which filled my whole torso.  It was clear that my newly-purchased lingerie was not going to be in play tonight!  Instead of sulking like deprived puppy, my man ran to the pharmacy to get some meds.

Thank God in wasn’t a heart attack and thank God for Gas-X but more importantly thank God I have a great man who continues to prove to me that he is there, through thick and thin, with or without cupid’s help!

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