Beauty Abounds

Beauty abounds.

It surrounds us each day.  It can take us by surprise, warm our hearts, step in and leave within seconds or it can bring joy on a daily basis.

Beauty can be tasted at times or it can be felt. It can bring us to our knees metaphorically or physically. It is here for us; it is ours for the taking.

It can be found in the smile of a stranger or in the cool breeze of an Autumn night. It can be blaring and bright or it can be as subtle as a whisper but it is there.

Sometimes beauty can be masked. Overshadowed by fear or doubt. Sometimes it can be outright ignored but it doesn’t fall away silently. Like a loyal partner, it is available if and when you are ready to embrace it.

Beauty can be emotional, enveloping your senses and beckoning you inside. It has a remarkable power which can separate you from sadness and fill you with joy. It is timeless and it is enduring and it doesn’t disappoint.

Yes, beauty abounds. Through the times, both rough and smooth. We can be lost, but it can find us as our hearts are its compass and our souls, its mate.


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