Hygge Me

So I was perusing Pinterest, looking for a crock pot lemon chicken recipe that I swore I pinned but apparently didn’t and I come across an image on my feed which drew me in.

It was this beautiful, warm bedroom, decorated in muted neutral tones of gray and beige. The bedcover looked soft. The lighting was inviting. The fresh peonies on the side table appeared freshly cut. The wooden chair which rested in the corner hosted a throw which I could only imagine was made of cashmere. It made me want to jump through my I Pad and hop right into this room! Forget about lemon chicken- can I just take a nap in those cozy bedsheets?  Maybe pass the day away sipping tea and reading in between these naps? Ahhhhh….

I clicked the image. I find that it was one of many images, categorized by the word Hygge.  What the heck is Hygge, I asked myself so I googled away.

Seems as though Hygge is getting a lot of buzz, of which I was unaware.

For those out of the loop like me, it is a Danish term for coziness and warmth that engenders a feeling of contentment and well-being. The word can be used as a noun, adjective or verb (you can Hygge, apparently) but what I found fascinating is that the  idea of creating and participating in what would traditionally be called a peaceful environment, surrounded by loved-ones and things which inspire comfort has become a movement. How awesome is it that you can stay home on a Friday night, with a fire burning, sipping red wine and wearing hand-knitted socks, visiting with good friends and be at one with the trend?! This is so much better than sweating in a hot yoga class or waiting for an hour to be seated next to the kitchen at the latest, hottest restaurant which you had to drive an hour through traffic to spend $250 for a meal which was afterall, overrated.

Hygge means comfort in all aspects. Think freshly- baked cinnamon rolls. Think soft, loose clothing. Think quiet conversation. Think inviting decor. Think peace. The more I googled, the more I fell in love. The images I found online calmed me and made me want to Hygge to my heart’s content!

Some say that Hygge is a reaction to the worldwide political instability which does make sense. Others say that it is an outcry from loss of physical connection in our daily lives which I can totally understand as well. Whatever the cause, I see this it as a soul-soothing opportunity. Hygge me!

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