I Hid the Cookies

I  hid the Girl Scout cookies. The only problem is that I know where I hid them.

Damn diets!  Hate them! BUT… when you go to the doctor for a routine physical and you realize that #1- you gained 10 pounds since your visit last year and #2- you now KNOW why you were avoiding the scale for the past 6 months, it is time to take action.

As I have written about in the past, I love to work out and enjoy getting my burn on at my local Orange Theory, however I have been living in a bit of a denial bubble to think that my “burn” was going to outweigh my love of cupcakes, cocktails and cafe lattes.  Sad day…img_0035

So, here I sit, three days into my diet with Medifast, sipping something that is supposed to pass as a strawberry shake (not!) and praying that the next 8 weeks go by quickly.  YES, I am wishing my life away- at least for the moment. Day three is always tricky.

With Medifast, you get to eat 1 real meal a day. Real Meal… Don’t get this confused with something that tastes delicious unless you are a fan of green salads without dressing and lean meat without a whole lot of salt. Tonight I was at a loss for creativity and decided to fry up some lean ground turkey and throw it on top of the mixed greens in hope that it would fill me up and take care of the lack of dressing. The end result?  I mowed that meal down! During diets, I regain my understanding as to why castaways eat bugs and drink their own urine. Three days in and I already consider green onions to be one of the best damn tasting greens on the planet (dice those babies up and you got yourself some great flavor!).

If you are a fan of not having to think about what to prepare when you are dieting, Medifast is for you. 5 pre-packaged meals a day and your lean and green and you are set! If you are dead set on flavorful food, I might suggest just cutting down on what you pass through your pie hole instead. For me, I need it quick and brainless.

Cheers to the next 8 weeks (insert clink of water glass)! Let’s hope my kids find the cookies before I hit a weak moment. Wish me luck!

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