The Old Place

Shawn and I had a chance to sneak out for a few hours, sans kids, to have dinner with friends as this super cool restaurant called The Old Place, which is exactly that- an old place, nestled within the canyon halfway between Malibu and Agoura.

Not only is The Old Place old, but it is tiny with limited seating and dining times. The equally limited menu featured some exotic fare like boar sausage and bone marrow as well as hearty entrees like beef stew, pot pie and noodle bake.

Although the options were tempting, both Shawn and I remained loyal to our diets, choosing swordfish with sautéed spinach, which was as yummy as it was healthy. While we did good with our choice of eats, we didn’t fare so well saying no to the booze. A girl can only be so good so long and depriving myself of any cocktails, beer and wine for over two weeks was just cause to celebrate by throwing the whole thing off (back at it again today- ugh).

We had a great time catching up with our friends, dining in a funky cool place and people -watching an equally ecclectic mix of guests who dined alongside us. Peacocks were perched on trees outside, calling out to eachother and the wine bar next door felt like you were entering a saloon with one big community table and an acoustic guitarist playing throwbacks. The whole experience was cool and I can’t wait to visit again but next time I will make sure I’m not on a restricted diet as that noodle bake looked damn good!

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