Blinded by the Light

“It’s rack up like a deuce!”

“I always thought it was rack up like a douche!”

“No he is talking about playing pool.”

“I don’t know what he is talking about but I’ve always loved the song.”

Laughter, laughter laughter…


This was a part of our lunch conversation yesterday- an impromptu meet up with two of my girlfriends- debating the lyrics and meaning to “Blinded by the Light,” an obscure song from the 70’s from an equally obscure band, which inspired a full-blown performance at our table.

Air piano (is that a thing?) and air guitar, along with some head banging as the song played on the patio and transported us back to our youth when music was as much a part of you as your right arm.

I think people were looking at us. In fact I know they were. Here we are, three suburban 40+ somethings, having a giggle and reminiscing a bit too loudly about “the time way back when…listening to this song…you know it was written by Springsteen…hahaha…I love Springsteen…”- more air piano.

I can’t really blame it on the alcohol, although we each did have one drink under our belts. It was one of those fancy margaritas with lots of ice in a little glass- you know, the “acceptable” ones you can manage at a mid-week lunch, not the ones you pour on a Saturday night when you are looking for a kick ass buzz.  No, I don’t think it was the drink. It was just a spontaneous, lovely moment when you laugh in sync and feel good and feel happy. Those times when you appreciate your friendships. Times when you are so damn glad to be the age you are because you really don’t care about anyone’s judgements or stares.  Those times that you are IN the moment and this moment envelops you and melds with past ones and you are present and your being is whole and your spirit is light. You can’t prepare for these moments, nor can you plan for them. They are a gift to the spirit. All you can do is be open to receive them.


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