Tough Day at the Office

One of the perks of my job is visiting beautiful resort properties in stunning locations. When you are in sales, you got to hold onto the fluffy stuff or else the hard knocks will kick you down!

Yesterday, we called on the spas within some of the World’s most beautiful resorts in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara is only a 30 minute trip north of me but when I visit, it feels like I have been swept away to some exotic Mediterranean destination. Riding along the highway with the windows down, enveloped between the scenic coastline and  lush  mountain landscape, a mental vacation is always within reach.

While it is hard to pick a favorite, my choice would be the Belmond El Encanto. Nestled in the hills, it is a special boutique hotel oozing with quiet charm. And can we talk about the view?  Crazy beautiful!

Since this place is our fav, my colleague and I saved it for last. Although we came up empty-handed on the business side, we were able to take a break and enjoy the sites for a few which, at the end of the day, ensured it was not a total loss!




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