Well Hello, Again

It has been quite a while since I wrote in this blog space or any where for that matter.  I could blame my absence on a lack of time or a lack of creative spark but likely, if I am honest with myself, it has been merely a lack of focus.

Writers get blocked all the time. Stuck in the muck of plot twists or character development or in the search of the perfect voice or prose. Other times, writers lie in wait of the right creative energy to transcend through their spirit and spill onto the pad of paper or keyboard. Much more often, writers simply find excuses not to write– too busy with kids or work or household chores or relationships to even sit down to try. I am among the latter.

This isn’t the first time I have fallen off the wagon nor, I expect, will it be the last. I have a novel which has been “in the works” for over a dozen years. It’s okay, I say. It’s alright. I will get to it eventually. But when is that?

Saying hello, again, to your voice as a writer can be tough. You question your ability. You question your talent. You question your desire. You just question everything. But today I am trying it on again- this old blog- and seeing how it fits. Not for you (apologies to whomever might read this) but for me. Because at the end of the day, it has to be about how it feels when I try it on. Is it too snug? Does it make me feel self-conscious? Or… does it fit just right.

I write to unleash my creative spirit. I write because it’s the only artistic medium which speaks to me. I write because it has always felt good to do so.

This morning, I went on a ride on my bike in the hills. There is a bench at the top of this loop which is quiet and often times I find myself there to think. Sitting there today, a ton of thoughts were streaming through my brain. Deep thoughts and shallow ones as well. I started to lace them together and collectively, they led me here, to this space.

As my good friend Lisa’s son likes to say when he is ready to go- “It’s time, boy.” Yes it is. Well, hello again. I am back.

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