The Calm after the Holidays

Even though I love the holidays, there is nothing quite like the calmness of our home once the Christmas chaos is over. Today we spent the day taking down all the decorations and for those who know us, that is no easy feat!
Our home literally transforms into a Winter Wonderland, with over 50 trees (flocked and not flocked),each decorated with tiny baubles and bling, along with Santa and snowmen collections which each fill multiple bins. Oh it is magical to be sure! To top it off (literally), we have balls hanging from the ceiling in multiple sizes and colors, none smaller than the size of my head. This is my husband’s doing. Actually, most of it is as he is the biggest kid I know when it comes to Christmas.

I used to fight the madness but now I embrace it and as our kids get older, they seem to appreciate the decorations in a different way than they did as little ones, but still so and to see them want to show off the holiday decor to their friends warms my heart.

Now, our home is once more back to a minimalistic theme and the serenity in this is welcome.

“Home is the nicest word their is.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

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