Abundance 2017

The word abundance has been streaming through my head all week like an ear worm with a nagging result. Abundance- what does it really mean? The dictionary will tell you that it is defined as a large quantity or plenty, but plenty of what? As this term swirled around in my mind, I found myself questioning the abundance in my life.

As human beings, we tend to quantify abundance through material wealth. Surely, I know I am more fortunate than many, many people in the World but that does not stop me from thinking about how much more spectacular life is for those more fortunate or with greater material abundance. The evil ego at play, I started to fathom this link and how it relates to my happiness. Am I truly happy? Have I made decisions which prevented further happiness? Could I experience greater abundance in my life if I were to earn more money or have a nicer home or take more vacations or be one of those people who seemed to have their shit together all the time?

Even with my amateur status as a student of Buddha, I know that happiness is an inside job and living an abundant life begins with the appreciation of moments and being present to each one. I took time to meditate on this concept of abundance and what it really means to me and what I have determined is that abundance equals a fullness of spirit, delivering a mind of virtue.

At this time when people yearn for new beginnings and fresh starts, for better times and happier years, I have created the intention to be more open to the abundance that every day moments provide me. In turn, I will keep a visual abundance journal, capturing a daily photograph to catalog the brilliance ordinary life moments can contain. My hope is to create fullness by understanding that our lives rest in the moment and the journey is the reward. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me and that it will inspire you to see the abundance in your daily lives as well!


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