To Sum it Up

How do you sum up a year

12 months

364 days

8,736 minutes…

Do you wrap it up in time?  Is it better to wrap it up in seasons?  Holidays, celebrations, events? Do you wrap it up in memories or emotions- the cycles, the ups and downs of time which passes, sometimes with careful measurement but more often with disregard and detachment; the erroneous belief that we are certain to have another day to get it right and not to waste.

The New Year is the opportunity to restart, to refresh, to bleach it all away- the misgivings, the missteps, the misses in totality, and we are cleansed.  We mark the New Year with resolutions and promises.  Some we keep and some we release like a colorful balloon (pretty in our grasp but too cumbersome to manage).

To sum up a year is like shutting a book and placing it on the shelf along with all the others- a testament to its existence but rarely opened again to reflect upon its meaning.

While the finality is imminent by reflection of a calendar, days, months and seasons can live on without a full stop; the fluidity of life and the preciousness of each day surrounding us like a soft, comfy blanket. Striving to be our best should be in the moment, not at the front of a year. The promise of a continual ebb and flow is real and accepting this can offer the chance for renewal at any given time, leaving no need for summary, no need for regret or resolutions. Summaries are best reserved for novels. Living in abundance asks for nothing more than being present to it all.


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