Time on My Side

Two weeks into this work-free bliss and I am smitten with the luxury of time!

With time on my side, I have been able to make good use of it by investing it on friends, my kids and my husband. I have gotten some quality me-time which has re-fueled me as well. I have hiked, biked, paddle boarded, binged-watched a series on Netflix, taken a road trip to visit my dad and brother and got a night away in the desert with my husband to chill by the pool, drink cocktails and get drunk with a handful of strangers who became friends for a few hours. All of this has been unbelievably nourishing for my spirit and I am so grateful to be, albeit temporarily, untethered.

For the majority of us, work is our norm. It is as much a part of us as putting on clothes each day- it is what we do. Having this tiny slice of a “time-out” reaffirms the fact that I am not my job and that I can be whole without one, in fact more whole than with one.

Of course, there is this minor (not) concern of money. A “lady of leisure” lifestyle can only be supported so long through vacation and sick day payouts, at least in my house. Why does money always have to be the deal breaker between what you want and what you get? Damn Capitalism! At any rate, if I were to tie a bow on this conundrum, it would be that I have great appreciation for this time as it has not been taken for granted.

My freedom train ends on Monday but I still have some time left to bask in the glorious no-rush mornings and the unhindered possibilities of sunshine-filled days. There is no doubt that this time away from the work norm was time well-spent for me to reconnect with what is important and how precious it all is.  Yes, Monday’s pending arrival is bittersweet, but the gift of time given to me for the past few weeks brings promise for a renewal of spirit and a much-needed battery recharge which will fuel me up to tackle the new gig. Yeah, I will be ready…

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