One Decision Away

For me, change is exhilarating. It’s my fuel. My drug of choice. When I was younger, getting my fix was simple. Change jobs, change gyms, change apartments, change boyfriends. I wouldn’t say I was flighty or flaky. I just liked what change gave me- a fresh perspective, an alternative view, all senses working on overload, ensuring that life never got dull or predictable.

As I got older, I realized the challenges that change could present. You have to have longevity in a job to gain experience and get a better job. Moving is expensive. Relationships get deeper. You actually start to settle into a grove which is comfortable and you trade spontaneity for convention and THIS feels good.  THIS is the new drug. It is stable, it is known and secure. It comes with carpools, scheduled meals, date nights,  football practice and wine at 5 pm.

As good as THIS feels, I am feeling the need for a change, mostly a change in geography. Being a California native and life-long resident has been good. It has many perks, most of all the weather. It is hard to beat 75 degrees and sunny for most of the year, however the quest for a lifestyle change is pulling on my pant leg and it won’t let loose.

I am ready for a change of pace. I am ready for some weather. I am ready to not pay through the nose for our home which is essentially our sunshine tax. I want my fix again!

What we will do and where we will go is yet to be determined but I like knowing that change is still a part of me and that it still fills me with excitement and not fear.



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