Take the Long Way Home

One of the best things about living in Southern California is the diversity of terrain. You have access to the mountains and beaches, the city and the rural landscapes- all of which you could visit in one day. I remember a time where we hit the slopes for some skiing in the morning and were toasting beers by sunset at the beach.
Not every day can be as adventurous as that, however on some days, it can be just as satisfying to take the long way home.
One of my favorites is driving through Hidden Valley. As the name says, it is a hidden gem, tucked against the Santa Monica Mountains, which reminds me of somewhere other than So Cal. With its sprawling equestrian ranches and lavender fields, the five mile drive does wonders for my spirit. It takes away my stress and it calms me.

I take this path to my lunchtime meditation and sometimes, after a rough day, I will journey out to clear my head. I am grateful that my quiet spot is only minutes away from me and I do not take for granted the peace which it provides me.

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